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eBook Writing Service

E-books have the ability to provide your business with a means to attract well-informed customers while at the same time keeping them in the know regarding your products and services. If you are looking for a way to reach potential audience while you are on a limited budget, an e-book is the most effective solution. Most websites often provide this as part of a whole package or as an add-on to numerous offerings.

When you offer a service or product for which there is an e-book, your customers and prospects view you as being an expert in your field. The creation of an engaging e-book requires a great deal of information and whoever is able to do that successfully easily earns a higher rank amongst competition. The e-book is also a long-term investment. Creating it may take some time but after you are done, you will have a piece that can be used for months to come or even many more years. It may have information that is as relevant today as it will be years later. Thus, both current and future customers can continuously use the e-book, boosting your returns on investment.

I have impeccable e-book writing skills. You may be an expert in your industry and that is good, but then time constraints could limit you from ever distilling the knowledge into a format that is helpful to your audience. The same is not true for me. With all the time available on my side, I can take the knowledge you share with me, add to it my own, and create an e-book that is a true reflection of you and your business.

When you hire me, I will craft an e-book that includes the following:

  1. Cover page
  2. Clickable TOC
  3. Copyright free images
  4. Clean design
  5. Legal-level disclaimer

The moment I start working on your e-book, we enter into a ghostwriting relationship. Any purchases made from me transfers all the copyrights to you and you can publish it in your name.

The e-books I write are 100% unique. Even though it is not necessary, your books will be run through Copyscape premium, a powerful software for detecting plagiarism. On delivery, the e-book is basically ready to release to your market. It has the relevant design and all the calls to action inviting readers to learn more about your products and services.

Hire me on Freelancer.com, the safest site to work and build a healthy working relationship. Freelancer.com has a milestone payment system, which means you only pay for work when it is complete and you are satisfied with the final product.

Do you still have additional questions? Email me for further clarification.